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Price Guns
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25 Years
supplying quality
Price Guns
Price Labels
25 Years
supplying quality
Price Guns
Price Labels
25 Years
supplying quality
Price Guns
Price Labels
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A selection of resources to help starter and established businesses

Unsure of labelling regulations? this link may help: - Price marking of goods
Starting a business or need a few pointers, try here: - Starter business information
Starting a business, your local enterprise agency can help: - More Starter business information
Business Link - Information for starter to established: - General business information
More information for starter to established business: - Clearly business information
The Inland Revenue helpful advice and information: - Taxing questions
Things you need to know when starting a business: - Look around here and get it right
This is Money - A great source of general advice: - News and information
Health & Safety - Environmental - HR/Employment: - Help, advice and discussion forums

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We can help with your labelling solutions and maybe pass on the odd pearl of wisdom. Certainly we hope that our site can help to point you in the right direction. One simple and often overlooked failing of business owners is not to notice the gradual decline in the presentation of their operation. So, take the time to have an objective look at your business now and then, approach it as if you are a customer and think what is it that you would like to see if you were shopping in your store, buying your products. There are many ways to improve business and the sad truth is that many owners understandably get so caught up in the day to day problems that they overlook simple things or don't see how tired their presentation has gradually become.

Please note: at present we only supply within the UK.   All prices ex VAT & Delivery
Just starting a business? no problem, try one of our Starter Packs includes price gun & labels. Established business with a label supplier?  try our friendly service and great prices.

A family business trading since 1982, we specialise in price guns and price labels. We pride ourselves on being large enough to service most requirements but small enough to treat all our customers with individual care and respect. International, National, Large, Medium or simply a One-Man business, we offer the same level of service and attention.

We supply Price Guns and Price labels in industry standard sizes to fit the majority of price guns. Price Labels may be plain, pre-printed (Best before - Use By - Special Offer - Discount Price etc) printed with your name and/or company logo, a message or slogan, the only limitation is legibility with regard to the label size. Choose from a range of price guns for simple pricing or complex coding, we can probably provide a hand held price gun to solve your problem. You may purchase online by debit card, however we welcome telephone enquiries to discuss any queries you may have, or to pay by card over the telephone.

Retailers can increase the sale of selected items by as much as 94 per cent in volume by using on-product price labels to promote special offers and reduced prices, according to researchers Cegma Topo of Paris. It is probably the most cost-effective form of advertising, as customers are able to respond directly and immediately to the promotional offer displayed on the price label. Smaller retailers can, by having their name on the price label add significantly to the image of the store, it gives the customer a feeling that the store is professional and substantial. Eye-catching price labels can increase the five to ten seconds which customers spend on average in front of a product display. This is particularly important for the 80 per cent of goods which are not stored on shelves at a convenient chest level. Retailers now have the choice of a wide range of label sizes, shapes and colours, as well as numerous typographical and design options, to maximise visual impact. Ideally, retailers should ensure maximum contrast between the print and colour background. Shop owners should not underestimate the impact that a price label can have, unmarked products are liable to remain on the shelves and to have the business name on thousands of products is a very subliminal marketing advantage.
Please note: at present we only supply within the UK.   All prices ex VAT & Delivery

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